Food in Raebareli

Food in RaebareliRelishing various cuisines and seeking for that perfect yummy dish is one activity which involves people of all generation and devoid of any country boundaries. We just cannot think of visiting a tourist location, and not experiencing the exclusive dishes that the place has to offer. It is one of the principal attractions listed for any location, and in Uttar Pradesh it is a mandatory part specially for having links with the authentic and traditional Mughal and Awadhi cuisines.

Raebareli, however, has special connections with these cuisines for being positioned at the heartland of the Awadh region and since many locals have their forefathers belonging from that era.

Food Style of Raebareli

To understand the food style of Raebareli it is important to appreciate the traditional Awadh and Mughal style of eateries. Mughal cooking was primarily inspired from the Persian style of cooking which involved use of exotic spices and garnishing with dry fruits. The Nawabs of the Awadh reign further modified the Mughal style of cooking and included use of saffron, grains and roasted spices. However, the latter style was not much modified and accepted hugely by the people of Reabareli.

The major similarity of this traditional cooking can be found nowadays in food styles of both Punjab and Kashmir. Korma, zarda, kaliya, paratha, nahari kulcha and roomali rotis are some of the most popular dishes in Raebareli. Kebabs find a whole new meaning here with a large variety of boti kebab, paneer kebab, kakori kebab, pasanda kebab, Tunde kebab, Galauti kebab and many others.

It may be noted that though vegetarian dishes are most preferred among the locals in Raebareli but there is also a considerable demand and supply of non-vegetarian dishes especially with dishes like murgh mussallam, salan, pasanda and rice cooked with meat cubes or pulao. The specialty of food in Raebareli is slow fire cooking and marinated foods which makes them juicy and even tastier.

Snacks and Desserts in Raebareli

Snacks here in Raebareli is also a delightful and appetizing activity with the exclusive samosa stuffed with vegetables and paneer, versatile pakoras with sizzling chutneys and kachoris in the most crispy style are the popular snacks here. Apart from this one can find a tastier variety of chats and aloo tikkis which is a must try for every visitor. One cannot complete a meal without the scrumptious desserts available in this part of the country. Kheer, gulab jamun, chutney and halwa are the special dessert dishes available in Raebareli . The use of milk in various forms is the major ingredient which is used in almost all types of sweet dishes here. Even for drinks, chaas, lassi or thandai have huge popularity in Raebareli.

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Restaurants in Raebareli

Being not a metro city, the number of restaurants available in Rabareli is not huge but still there are plenty of dhabas along with star rated multi-cuisine restaurants to suit the food preference of every individual visiting here. Among the grand sophisticated food joints Batohi Sweets and Restaurant is a popular name and a good hygienic choice for all. Apart from this for the local flavors one can try the exclusive dhabas like Baba Tiwari Bhojanalaya or Maurya Jalpan Grah which provides a host of delightful dishes. For exclusive and traditional Biriyani with the best of authentic spices one can try Muskan Chicken Biriyani at Jais, Raebareli.

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Raebareli is one of the best food enriched places of Uttar Pradesh which provides a wide variety of food options which is an absolute entertainment especially for the visitors at Raebareli.
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