Business and Economy in Raebareli

Small Scale Industries in RaebareliEconomy and Business of a district is the major deciding factor towards the financial growth and progress of the locality. In case of Raebareli, the concept is no different and that is why it has become one of the strongest features of the district.

The major source of business in Raebareli is the agricultural business followed by several top-rated industries setting up their factories in the area. Apart from agriculture and industries, another prominent contributor to the enhancement of the economy of Raebareli is the number of small-scale industries which are slowly gaining pace towards successful revenue earning units.

One of the important and the most prominent revenue generation medium for the villagers of Raebareli district is agricultural business. However, this profession is also not very easy in Raebareli district mainly because of the soil texture in the area which is sodic and needs much modification for cultivation of any kind of crops.

The major Kharif crops cultivated here is rice, moong and urad whereas the major rabi crops cultivated are wheat, bengal gram and mustard. For agriculture, in some lands the unavailability of sufficient irrigation water is also a major problem towards the prosperity of agricultural business in the district. The soil of the district is typically different from one place to another, within the district, and the texture changes with varied climatic conditions. To utilize the maximum benefit of this land the same is divided into six divisions and they are Ganga khadars, Ganga flats, Ganga recent alluviams, Sai low lands, Sai uplands and Sai flats.

Farming in Raebareli

As a result four different types of farming are popular in the district which includes pure cropping, agri-silvi, agri-horti and mixed farming. The production from all this farming includes crops like wheat, rice, gram, pea, arhar, lentil, urd, moong, mustard, til, groundnut and many others. Sugarcane and potato is the main cash crops produced in the district. From all the farming and production quantity some is kept for self consumption while the rest is given for trading. The major markets where trading of these crops are done are Lalganj Sabzi Mandi, Bulaki Ganj Sabzi Mandi, Babuganj Sabzi Bazaar and many others. However, the Rajya Krishi Utpadan Mandi Parishad, the State Agricultural marketing Board, also helps in trading of the production.

Animal Husbandry in Raebareli

Apart from the agricultural business the production of livestock and animal husbandry has also been quite a popular business in Reabareli. Cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, pigs are the major livestock animals maintained in this region which include both cross-bred and indigenous. Poultry business which includes ducks, turkey, etc is also done by some of the natives. Another popular and preferred business of the inhabitants of Raebareli is the fishery business.

Projected growth in this business is much higher in compared to the production at present. Several fish farmers are taking proper initiatives to enlarge the business and use the water bodies within the district in a more revenue earning manner. Till now around thirty six species of fish are available in the district which includes rohu, tengra, parhan, magur, saul and nain in major quantity.

Industries in Raebareli

Raebareli is also a very revenue generating location for the industries and factories built here. Some of the renowned names have their business set up in this location. Out of these Indian Telephone Industries Ltd, established in 1948, at Sultanpur Road, Raebareli, is one of the telecom equipment manufacturing unit which deals with transmission, switching and other related matters. It is a state-owned company with headquarters in Bengaluru.

Again Rail Coach factory at Lalganj, Raebareli is the third rail coach manufacturing unit in the country which was established by Sonia Gandhi, MP Raebareli, in November 2012. The unit is still on the construction level and yet to be operational. Apart from this Birla Corporation Ltd in Amawan Road, Raebareli and NTPC at Unchahar, Raebareli, are the bigger giants in the industrial business of the country and provides high benefit for the district. Apart from this other prominent industries include

M/s Vishakha Industries Ltd
Kandrawan, Bachhrawan, Raebareli.

Shri Bhawani Paper Mill Ltd
Industrial Estate, Sultanpur Road, Raebareli

M/s Nandganj Sirohi Sugar Mill Ltd
Dariyapur, Raebareli.

U. P. State Spinning Mill Company Ltd
Industrial Area, Amawan Road

Malwika Cement Pvt. Ltd
Industrial Area, Sultanpur Road

Shri Niwasji Oil, Refiners Pvt. Ltd.
Industrial Area, Amawan Road,

Shreya Engineering Ltd
Chakadadar Block, Amawan

Small Scale Industries in Raebareli

Small scale industries also provide a considerable input towards the growing economy of the district. Major companies in this genre include agro-based companies, wood-based companies like wooden furnitures, textile-based companies, paper products and chemical-based companies. Handicraft business is quite popular in this part of the state. Wooden furnitures, wooden jewellery, sandals and various types of wood carving is popular here. Artistry in textile is equally popular in Reabareli. Specialised embroidered work and thread weaving work on garments are done here with craftsmen who for generations are engaged in this profession.

Education businesses have also contributed a lot in the economical growth of the district. Hugely reputed educational institutes like Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology which is considered in line with IIT and IIM, based at Jais, Raebareli, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Indira Gandhi rashtriya Uran Akademi, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Footwear Design and Development Institute, Feroze Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology and many others have successfully pulled in students to Raebareli and, thus, in turn helped in the overall growth of the district.

Tourism Industry in Raebareli

Tourism industries have sufficient contribution in the growth of the district. Some of the best tourist locations like Samaspur Bird Sanctuary with more than 250 bird species variety, Behta Bridge and Indira Gandhi Memorial Botanical Garden established in 1986 are present here. Apart from this prominent attractions of the Mughal era and the Awadh dynasty which includes several architectural brilliance pull in sufficient tourists to Raebareli and thus help in the progress of the district. Entertainment business, restaurant business, traveling agencies all are related business units which get promoted with the increased footfalls in the district.

However, maximum growth for the district is yet to be achieved. Proper initiatives are proposed from the government to cater each of these industry so that prominent expansion in every field is visible. Many factories and industries are closed for management issues which are being looked at. Irrigation system is proposed to be made better to facilitate agricultural business. The best part is government is extremely keen towards the development of the district which is already visible with the works done.
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