Administration in Raebareli

Administration in RaebareliSupreme facilities, well built areas and an overall well-structured environment in a city can only be available if the administrative office of the place is working at its best. Raebareli is a perfect example of such a place where several government administrative offices work hands on to maintain the city in the best condition possible and jointly provides a well administered and maintained district. Divided into several tehsils and blocks, Raebareli is a place with a considerable population and tourist visit too. For the overall management of the city the administrative officers which work relentlessly are the District Magistrate Office, Nagar Palika Parishad Raebareli, Raebareli Development Authority, Raebareli Police and Raebareli Court.

General Administration in Raebareli

The overall administration of the district is the responsibility of Deputy Commissioner Revenue and the District Magistrate and supported by the Additional district magistrate Executive. Together the team looks after all the administrative works and the revenue details pertaining to the district. For better administration and distributing the charge of administration at the lower level the district has been divided into seven sub-divisions and they are Raebareli, Tiloi, Maharajganj, Lalganj, Dalmau, Unchahar and Salon. However, these sub-divisions also have tehsils of the same name and all have general, revenue and criminal administration which are related to the overall administration of the district.

The District Magistrate has seven sub-divisional magistrate reporting the District Magistrate and working as per the guidance towards the development of seven sub-divisions with multifarious jobs listed under their responsibility which includes magisterial work, revenue and executive work.

However, for rest of the administrative works and for the proper maintenance of law and regulation in the city, there is the city magistrate working in the district headquarters and serving Raebareli at the best.

Raebareli Nagar Palika Parishad

Raebareli Municipal Corporation or Nagar Palika is responsible for the overall development and maintenance of the social environment of the city. The major work of the Nagar Palika includes public works like road maintenance, street light maintenance land calculation, etc, water works which includes proper water distribution to every household and installation of tubewells and organizing safe drinking water and lastly public health initiatives which covers cleaning works across the district, proper sanitation and using pesticides for germ free environment and organizing vaccination centres.
Apart from this work, there is also other administrative works which include fulfillment of rules and regulations as initiated by the District Magistrate office and the Government.

For any assistance one can contact the Chairman Nagar Palika or Municipal Corporation Office at: Municipal Corporation, Raebareli Distrct
Phone: 0535 2206946

Raebareli Development Authority

Rae Bareli Development Authority is an exclusive department looking after the development of the society in various categories so as to facilitate the natives and the tourist in the best way possible. Construction of new buildings, shopping arcades and initiative towards creating a more efficient and planned city is the agenda of Raebareli Development Authority. Easy movement of traffic, better road conditions and smooth transportation is also in some ways responsibility of the Office of Raebareli Development Authority. Maintaining rules and regulation, equal facility distribution and conservation of historical places in Raebareli, are the key jobs of this office. Matters related to land acquisition and its papers are exclusively monitored by this office.

However, to ensure better development, a chief development officer has been designated with district development officer sitting at district headquarters and block development officers. For better development the whole area of the district is carefully divided into 15 blocks and charge of the same is given to the block development officers. The details of the blocks are Amawan, Deeh, Deen Shah Gaura, Bachhrawan, Dalmau, Lalganj, Maharajganj, Jagatpur, Harchandpur, Kheeron, Rahi, Rohaniya, Singhpur, Shivgarh, Sareni, Salon, Sataon Tiloi and Unchahar.

Raebareli Police Administration

The main focus of this department is to secure the law and order of the society and ensure correct steps taken for restoring peace and harmony in the district. It may be noted that Raebareli police falls under the reportee of Uttar Pradesh Police and the department is headed by Superintendent of Police and other senior officers. Raebareli has a strong police network comprising of various police chowkis covering each areas and exclusive officers concentrating on particular locations. In the district at present there are 22 police stations with exclusive officers and designated policemen keeping a watch on every activity in the area.

District Police control Room
Phone: 0535 2206404, 100
Superintendent of Police
Phone: 0535 2202315

Raebareli Court

Raebareli Court focuses on the judicial administration of the district. Situated at PNT Colony, Raebareli, the district court caters to all the judicial cases pertaining to civil court, criminal court and consumer forum cases. Several cases are registered with the court and many hearings are executed. However, the session court and the civil court all functions with the appealing authority as the Allahabad High Court. There is also a special court of Additional Session Judge established permanently to cater the rising criminal cases in the district headquarters.

For any assistance one can contact the District Judge Office at:
District Court
PNT Colony, Raebareli
Phone: 0535 2210426

Apart from this there are several other government offices which work towards the whole development of the district. This includes offices of Income Tax Office, Central Exercise Office, Post Office, Telecom Divisional Office, National Informatics Center, Social Welfare Office, Agriculture Office, Panchayat Raj Office and many others.

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