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Weekend Getaways near Raebareli

Being a part of Lucknow division and situated about 82 kms away from Lucknow Raebareli is a place with multiple attractions. The city has many attracting features in terms of its astounding and captivating history, its geographical beauty based on the banks of Sai River, its progressive attitude bringing scope and prosperity to the district through different business ventures in IT, telecom field and not to forget the various tourist spots across the city. Raebareli is the city with all amenities and facilities which can turn a visit to the city, a perfect outing for every individual. But there are times when just being bounded in one place is not enough and for fun and refreshment one can plan a weekend tour to the places near Raebareli. So here’s a list of all the nearby attractions from Raebareli, just read on, have your pick and start traveling.

Tourist Spots near Raebareli


One of the biggest cities of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur holds immense importance in terms of historical roots, mythological values, high-end education and excellent food. Situated at the banks of River Ganges, Kanpur is said to have much influence from Mahabharat era where Duryodhan gifted the land to his closest friend Karna for which the land was previously named as Karnapur which down the years have changed to Kanpur. However, the city today is a place of huge opportunities in terms of education and career building.

The city has plenty of attractions which include religious temples like Bhitargaon temple, Radhakrishna Temple, Dwarkadish temple, Jain Glass temple and Kanpur Memorial Church. If scenic beauty and peaceful nature is what seems attracting then visit to Nana Rao Park, Green Park, Moti Jheel and Phool Bagh are the best options. Last but not the least one should not forget to visit the Allen Forest Zoo which is considered the best zoo in the whole state.

Distance from Raebareli: 112km
Time by road from Raebareli: 1hr 50 mins
Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach:
From Raebareli there is plenty of transport availability to reach Kanpur. There are 5 trains from Raebareli to Kanpur Central which are travelling on selected days and the fare for the same is also not more than Rs150. Apart from this one can take a train from Raebareli Junction to Lucknow Charbagh which can be travelled in 1hr 20 mins with a fare of Rs 84 and from Lucknow take a state Transport bus to Kanpur and reach there by 2 hr 2mins by paying a fare of Rs 150.

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If the interest lies in exploring historical places then one of the great choice in this genre is Faizabad. Based on the banks of a tributary of Ganga River and River Ghagra, this small town came into existence in 1730 by Nawab of Bengal. Later being the capital of Awadh, it has a glorious past which are visible through its architectural buildings and temples.

The major attractions of Faizabad apart from its rich historical background are the famous Faizabad Museum and Fort Calcutta. Moti Mahal, Bahu Begum ka Maqbara, Guptar Ghat and Rishabhdev Rajghat Udayan are other attractions which are worth a visit for every traveller.

Distance from Raebareli: 103km
Time by road from Raebareli: 1hr 40 mins
Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach:
Since there is no direct bus train or flight is available for the distance between Raebareli and Faizabad, one needs to travel by taxi or take a car for Rudauli from Raebareli which will take around 1hr 45 mins since the distance is 85 kms and from there can take a train to Faizabad Junction which will take another half hour since the distance is 38 kms. The charges for the taxi ride may take more than Rs1000 but the train ride is only for Rs 67.

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A popular and divine pilgrimage, Ayodhya has an altogether separate place in the minds of Hindus. Closely associated with Lord Rama, and the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, this city revolves around the epic story the Hindus, Ramyana. But it will be wrong to consider that it is a Hindu city with no place for other caste since many prominent stories of Islam, Buddhism and Jainism are also popular here. Religious sentiments run deep here and huge number devotees from all religion come here every day round the year to offer their prayers in the popular temples. Situated on the banks of Sarayu River, this place has many attractions related to religious beliefs.

Some of the principal attractions here are Nageshwar Temple, Tulsi Smarak Bhawan, Ram Janma Bhoomi, Mani Parbat Ram Ki paidi and many others. Sita ki Rasoi is one of the key attractions here.

Distance from Raebareli:
Time by road from Raebareli: 2hr 30 mins
Best time to visit: November to March

How to reach:
Ayodha can be reached from Raebareli by taxi or cab in maximum 3 hours time with a charge of Rs 1200-Rs1400 only. Or else one can travel by car to Rudauli and then take a train to Ayodha. Till Rudauli the car will take time of 1hr 45 mins and from there train to Ayodha Junction will take an hour. The fares will be Rs 1250 and Rs 250 respectively. Apart from this one can also take a state bus to Kanpur and then take a train to Ayodha.


Travel around RaebareliAllahabad, previously named as Prayag, is one of the largest cities of Uttar Pradesh and a holy destination for all the religions but specially for the Hindus. The city marks the divine Triveni Sangam of three major rivers of the country, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. The confluence of these three rivers is believed to be extremely sacred and a bath in this river washes away sins of human life. The city also has important references with Hindu epics Ramyana and Mahabharata. Apart from these religious and mythological references, the city provides a good picture of the Indian history through references of forts build by Mughal emperor Akbar, Indian Independence Movement, the freedom struggle, the first existence of Indian National Congress and Mahatma Gandhi’s initiation of Non Violence Movement.

Apart from all these major events that make the city special there are plenty of attractions too which are worth a visit to the city. The first and the foremost is Kumbh Mela which takes place after every twelve years attracting millions of people across the world to this divine sangam. Every six years Ardha Kumbh Mela takes place where almost an equal amount of crowd is visble.

It is believed that this time the waters are absolutely sacred and taking a dip in the cold water is divine. Apart from this major tourist attractions include Hanuman Temple, Patalpuri temple, Alopi Temple, Shivkoti Mahadev temple and many others. For all those who want to have the joy of sightseeing some historical places, Anand Bhavan, house of Jawaharlal Nehru’s ancestors, Allahabad Fort, Khusro Bagh, Alfred park and Allahabad University are good options.

Distance from Raebareli: 125km
Time by road from Raebareli: 2hr 15 mins
Best time to visit: November to March

How to reach:
Allahabad can be reached easily from Raebareli as there are direct trains to Allahabad Junction reaching within a time limit of 2hr 06 mins with a nominal fare of Rs 97. Apart from this one can also book a car and visit the destination but with much higher cost. There are no direct buses from Raebareli to Allahabad.

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Another magnificent place close to Raebareli is the city on the banks of River Ganges, named as Bithoor. Based only at a distance of 22 kms from Kanpur this is an ideal place for peaceful mind and relaxation. Bithoor is a place which is closely associated with Hindu gods and goddess and has a lot of reference to the epic tale of Ramyana. The place reserves a lot of importance for the Hindu believers. Rani Lakshmi Bai who was the historical figure Jhansi ki Rani was also was born in the land of Bithoor.

The major attractions of this place includes valmiki ashram, Patthar Ghat, Dhruv Teela and many religious places like temples of Ram Sita, Luv Kush, Jahangir Mosque and Haridham Ashram.

Distance from Raebareli: 1
31 km
Time by road from Raebareli: 2hr 15 mins
Best time to visit: November to April

How to reach:
The best way of reaching Bithoor from Raebareli is by fetching a train or a bus from Raebareli to Kanpur and from there take a cab to Bithoor. The travelling time in both instances will be 5hr 45 mins or an hour more. The travelling cost in this case is higher and it will be charged not less than Rs 1000.


Also named as Kashi or Banaras, Varanasi is one of the most important pilgrimages sites of India. Considered as the city of Lord Shiva, it is holiest place for the Hindus and it is believed that this place is the ideal place for gaining moksha or for being liberated from human life and death cycle. That is why this place is called the mukti sthala by the devotees.

It is true that religious influence is the maximum in the city but there are still some good tourist spots which are worth a visit for every people visiting the city. The most astounding feature of the city is the seven ghats on the banks of River Ganga, which regularly practices aarti with huge audiences. Some of this ghats are Darbhangha Ghat, Dashashwamedh Ghat, Man Mandir Ghat and many others. Assi ghat provides the maximum crowd of hotels, whereas the photographic pleasure can be received from Tulsi Ghat or Kedar Ghat. Famous temples include Kashi Vishwanath temple, Tulsi Manas Temple, Durga temple and a mosque called Alamgir Mosque. Apart from this Banaras Hindu University is also a prominent place to visit.

Distance from Raebareli:
244 km
Time by road from Raebareli: 3 hr 40 mins
Best time to visit: November to February

How to reach:
The best way to visit Varanasi from Raebareli is less time is by a cab but the cost of the same would be not less than Rs 2000. Apart from this there are trains from Raebareli to Varanasi daily which takes a time of 4hrs and the fare is only Rs 320. One can also travel by UPSRTC buses which take a time of around 5Hrs 30 mins and the fare is nearly Rs 450.

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Based on the Terai sub Himalayan region of Uttar Pradesh, Dudhwa is a place famous for the popular Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. Established in the year 1958, it was a sanctuary for swamp deer but later being amalgamated with Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary and Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in 1988, it was declared a tiger reserve. The reserve is now divided into two halves one is named as Dudhwa National Park and Kishanpur wildlife Sanctuary bounded by Mohana and Suheli Rivers.

The true attractions in this National Park are the number of animals found here which includes fishing cat, civet, leopard cat, jackel, barking deer and hog deer. Short nosed Crocodile, pythons and monitor lizards are also found in this park. There is also a collection of more than four hundred migratory and resident birds like bulbul, woodpeckers, kingfishers, barbets and many othersmaking a beautiful sight one should not miss.

Distance from Raebareli:
299 km
Time by Road from Raebareli: 5 hr 10 mins
Best time to visit: November to February

How to reach:
There is no direct transport communication from Raebareli to Dudhwa. However, one can travel to Lucknow Charbagh Station or Shahjahanpur Station and then travel by car to Dudhwa. In the first instance the distance by train can be traveled in 1hr 50 mins and from Lucknow Charbagh the car ride takes a time of 4hr30mins and the cost of cab ride is almost Rs 2000. However traveling to Shahjahanpur takes a time of around 5hrs and the cab ride again is not less than 2hrs 30mins which can be traveled in a fare around Rs 1500. The train fares in both cases are around Rs 300. However one can also travel to Lucknow or Kanpur by UPSRTC buses and then by car to Dudhwa but in both cases traveling time taken are much more in compared to the others.

Raebareli provides a host of weekend getaways which can be travelled in less time and provides a lot of enjoyment. Apart from the destinations mentioned one can also travel to Kaushambi, Jaunpur, Mahoba, Gorakhpur, Mirzapur and Chandauli as these are all within the distance limit of 300kms from Raebareli.

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